Hello. I'm called Andy.

I'm a freelance motion designer, editor and compositor based in London, available for commissions both remotely and on location.


We’re moving to The Grid

15 December, 2014

Today I became founding member 13509 of thegrid.io

It’s a new platform for building AI driven websites launching Spring 2015. Founding members will be given early access and I’m hoping to beta test too.

I’d considered Squarespace, but for $96 per year thegrid.io gives you an awful lot for you money.

  • + 1 year pre-paid subscription
  • + Subscription begins v1 release, late Spring 2015
  • + Locked-in rate of $8/month (regularly $25)
  • + 7 Sites, custom domains OK
  • + Pretty much unlimited contributors, storage and bandwidth
  • + Commerce engine, due late 2015, cost-based fees only
  • + Grid NFC Token (limited gold edition)

I do like building this website and coding custom templates, but I tend to put updates on the back burner because I don’t always have the time to develop them. I’m hoping by moving this site to thegrid.io I’ll be able to focus more on the content and getting updates out there much faster, so watch this space!

If you’re interested in signing up, then please consider using my referral link: https://thegrid.io/#13509

For more information / faqs go here: https://thegrid.io/faq/


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