Hello. I'm called Andy.

I'm a freelance motion designer, editor and compositor based in London, available for commissions both remotely and on location.


Hello! You’re new aren’t you?

7 April, 2011

Welcome to the new website – it’s amazing how long it has taken to get to this point; a live functioning website – but here it is!

The layout is clean and bold with the focus on more content in less space. The home page is the hub of the site and has the latest piece of work and a series of featured projects. You can also read my most recent news and see my Twitter updates.

I’ve added more content to projects including behind the scenes artwork and screenshots. This will vary from project to project depending on what is interesting and what I can use but I will always try to include something from my workflow – be it a screenshot from After Effects or motion tests from Cinema 4D.

Tags are used to link groups of content by creating custom search queries – I’ve tried to improve the search to link related projects and posts together.

I’ve also opened up the site to comments so please feel free to ask questions about projects. You can also leave me a message using the form on the contact page.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll return as I add new content.


Twitter @imcalledandy