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I'm a freelance motion designer, editor and compositor based in London, available for commissions both remotely and on location.


NAB Show 2011

18 April, 2011

I attended this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas as a way to meet – I guess – the people I’ve known online for many years.

NAB is a very social occasion; you’re meeting new people all the time; seeing presentations and networking by day but continuing that into the parties at night.

It was a bit overwhelming at first because I found myself straight off the plane at the MediaMotion Ball in a room full of people where I knew who they were but they didn’t know me! Fortunately I’ve been working on a project with Nick Campbell (greyscalegorilla.com), talking over iChat or email so even though we’d never actually met in person it was easy to approach him which broke the ice for other conversations. I sat at a table with Andrew Kramer and John Dickinson, both of whom I’ve learnt a lot from over the years.

For me it was the presentations at the Maxon booth which I found most useful; every presenter did a great job and I guess a bonus of being at the event is that you can ask questions directly and get answers straight away. It was nice to meet a fellow Brit, Tim Clapham whose online tutorials helped me get into Cinema 4D many years ago.

I can’t imagine not having the Trapcode suite of plugins in my toolkit and it was great to finally meet Peder Norby of Trapcode and celebrate 10 years of Trapcode at his party at South Beach at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

If you’re thinking of attending NAB next year then I would recommend it based on the experience I had; I met the developers of the software I use daily and formed relationships with people I’d previously only known online, plus you’re in Vegas, so it was a lot of fun. Hey, I may even see you there next year!


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  • Maxon – Makers of Cinema 4D
  • Cineversity – Check here for C4D Training and the Maxon NAB Presentations

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