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I'm a freelance motion designer, editor and compositor based in London, available for commissions both remotely and on location.

British GQ

iPad App

I recently worked at The Mill on the cover animations for the launch of the British GQ iPad App.

Featuring Victoria’s Secret model and Transformers star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the cover, this was a special one-off edition of the popular magazine, with moving image and sound being added to the editorial mix.

The idea was to add subtle motion to bring the still images to life, so I took the original cover photos from the shoot and rotoscoped various areas from Rosie’s hair, eyes, mouth, legs and dress.

The elements were animated in After Effects; I used the Puppet Tool to create subtle movements for the dress and her raised leg in landscape mode. Wisps of hair were animated using expressions to randomise the movement. For her mouth I used the liquify tool to create different states (either open or closed) I then blended between them as needed.

I had to create a closed version of Rosie’s eye from reference photos and match them to her open eyes. I used mesh distortion tools to create the blinking effect. I’d created ripples for the water in the pool behind her, but eventually the client decided Flame would be best used to create these effects.

It was a pleasure working at The Mill with some of the most talented people in the industry. Having seen the work in situ, it all comes together very well and as an interactive magazine it is very well produced.

    The iPad Cover

Project Information


  • Prod. Co: The Mill, London
  • Director: PK
  • Producer: Joel Godfrey
  • 2D Animation: Andy Needham

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Rotoscoping, Matte Painting, 2D Animation