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Sacramento Kings

3D Court Projection

I was approached by Quince Imaging – specialists in 3D projection mapping – to create the Halloween-themed pre-show animation for the Sacramento Kings.

From the initial meeting I knew this would be a huge undertaking because the show was to last 60 seconds. The concepts Quince provided were really strong and got my creative juices going and I was given creative license to adapt them where I saw fit.

I made use of many tools within Cinema 4D to create each scene including the Character tools, MoGraph, Deformers and Team Render to name some.

The fantastic X-Particles plugin was used to drive the spider simulation and this was a lot of fun to create.

Final delivery was 3600×1920, so I created a mini render-farm in my studio and made use of Team Render to get the frames out of C4D and into After Effects for comping.

So yes, it was a fair amount of work to take on by myself, but I have to give credit to Jate and CJ at Quince who were extremely helpful and supportive throughout.

If you’d like to hear more about my process or how I achieved a certain effect, then please leave a comment below.

There’s also an article on CG Society about the project: Read “Game Changer”.

Primary software used: Cinema 4D, After Effects and Final Cut Pro


  • Chris Needham

    Awesome bro!

  • Sheldon

    wow really nice, how does the 3D projection mapping work? What software and output method was used to project your animation on the court? How long did it take (days) to complete the project, from start to final delivery?

    • http://www.imcalledandy.com/ imcalledandy

      Thanks Sheldon! The project was about a month – including render time – as it was just me working on the animation and comp side of things. I also managed the rendering on my mini render farm too.

      Regarding the projection software and method, I’ll find out from Quince Imaging – the people who employed me for this project – as they are the specialists! Essentially it involves rendering from a certain camera angle, un-distorting with a corner pin effect in post and then rendering that. The projection software then uses that or possibly re-destorts it before projecting. I’ll confirm though.

      Thanks again for checking out the project.

    • Squint

      Wow this is amazing stuff! I know it’s old stuff but just got it brought to my attention. The projection looks really nice quality, do you know if they covered the court to prevent the lines of the court showing?

  • Sheldon

    Hi thanks for t he reply, again really nice work

  • Sueki


  • Johnmark Iyoo

    Nice work…how did u archieve the projection on the court, and Where the processes involved in c4d?..and is it possible for me to get your workflow on C4D or excercise file so i can practices?

  • FXunique “Productions”

    loved the idea and creativity

Project Information


  • Client: Sacramento Kings
  • Agency: Quince Imaging
  • Producer: CJ Davis
  • Assistant Producer: Jate Earhart
  • Concept: Quince Imaging
  • Designer: Andy Needham
  • 3D Lead and Direction: Andy Needham
  • Sound Design: Andy Needham
  • Sound Design Assistant: Jate Earhart
  • Sound Mix: Jonathan Shakhovskoy @ Script

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