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I'm a freelance motion designer, editor and compositor based in London, available for commissions both remotely and on location.


Conquering Demons

Set in the mountain resort of Morzine, France, Conquering Demons was dubbed a new film documentary about the sport of snowboarding. Italian filmmaker Carlo Mancini planned to investigate the “psychology of fear” in extreme sports athletes as we follow Oakley team riders Scott McMorris and Tyler Chorlton on a journey of discovery.

During filming Carlo and Scott’s ex, Amy disappeared under mysterious circumstances and the snowboarders were arrested. Some members of the snowboarding community claimed the film had been an elaborate hoax. The show had received over 3 million views on Bebo.

I put together this trailer which was used by Oakley UK at their AGM and to further promote Conquering Demons.

Project Information


  • Client: Oakley
  • Prod. Co: Bigballs Films
  • Director: Bigballs
  • Producer: Jonny Wardle
  • DP: Bigballs
  • Editor: Andy Needham

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Editorial, Colour Grading, Title Design, Animation, Compositing, Sound Design

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