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Ruarri Joseph


‘Blankets’ is taken from ‘Tales of Grime and Grit’ the debut album of the extremely talented, Ruarri Joseph. For the promo, we see Ruarri in a recording studio playing every character including a drunken bass player, over-the-top backing singer, mischievous shaker player, a sound engineer and a cigar smoking record exec.

The promo follows a simple storyline of another member of the band trying to get to the studio. We follow his journey which is intercut with the rest of the ‘band’s’ performance.

Promos tend to have tight deadlines and low budgets and this was no different, but I managed to complete the entire post production over the course of a (very long) week. The edit was approved and locked by director, Luke Taylor and then the real work began, rotoscoping and compositing the many instances of Ruarri.

I used Motor by Imagineer Systems (now discontinued) to complete all the rotoscoping – I don’t think I would have achieved this mammoth task in the little time I had without it!

Project Information


  • Client: Altantic Records
  • Prod. Co: Bigballs Films
  • Director: Luke Taylor

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