Hello. I'm called Andy.

I'm a freelance motion designer, editor and compositor based in London, available for commissions both remotely and on location.


The Networked Society

The Networked Society was filmed in Europe, Asia and Africa and launched across 180 countries on May 16th 2011, with a 30 second version aired on CNN in June 2011.

Ericsson also required a 180 degree panoramic version to be shown in the Ericsson Studio in Stockholm and I had the pleasure of working at The Mill in London on this version of the film.

Working with a very talented team of motion graphics artists, the process involved modifying particle effects, and repositioning the ‘Intelligent Information’ graphics for each shot. Sometimes this also meant re-rotoscoping new elements.


Project Information


  • Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide
  • Producer: Stephen Marsh
  • Production Company: Jack Morton Worldwide
  • Director: Matt McConaghy
  • Executive Producer: Hugh Ip
  • Producer: Stephen Marsh
  • Editing Company: Azimuth
  • Editor: Brian Dowd
  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Mill Office: London
  • Executive Producer: Luke Colson
  • VFX Producer: Tracey Khan, Carl Phillips
  • Creative Director: Ross Urien, Adam Brandon
  • 2D Lead Artists: Dominic Burgess
  • 2D Artists: Cameron Smither, Lewis Crossfield
  • Matte Painting: Charles Bennett
  • Motion Graphics: Dominic Burgess, Henry Foreman, Matthew Osbourne, Rob Ward, Sam Southward, Ivo Sousa, Nils Kloth, Jessica Tan, Andy Needham

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