Hello. I'm called Andy.

I'm a freelance motion designer, editor and compositor based in London, available for commissions both remotely and on location.


Who Killed Summer?

Who Killed Summer? is a real-time drama that follows a group of young people as they take a roadtrip around Europe’s biggest music events.

As the story unravels you realise it’s not all fun and games for the young revellers as tensions and tempers reach boiling point, the adventure of a lifetime turns into a hunt for a mysterious stalker and murderer.

I was responsible for the main title sequence and a some screen replacements throughout the series. For the title sequence I covered central themes including the characters, the journey and the festivals all with a dark undertone and the remarkable music by Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee really married all the elements. I turned once again to my 3D tool of choice, Cinema 4D modelling a campsite and a stage. I used the hair module to create grass and learnt a lot about optimising the scene. With so many elements, anyone who has tried to render grass knows it is very render-intensive!

The series was BAFTA nominated and won in the Cross-Media Integration Campaign category for Europe, Africa and Middle East and Best Mobile Campaign Overall at the 2009 Global Mobile Media Awards.

    Title Sequence Development

  • Frames from the Title Sequence

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Project Information


  • Client: Vodafone
  • Agency: MWorks and Cake
  • Director: Bigballs
  • Producer: Dom Thomas and Noreen Khan
  • Executive Producers: Richard Welsh / Tom Thirlwall / Luke Taylor / Harry Harrold
  • DP: Ben Magahy
  • Editor: Final Cut
  • Music: Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee
  • Sound Engineer: Patrick Rowland

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